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Past News & Updates


4/16/2021 - Updated the images on the main page. Upgraded the pages for the newsletters. Added links to read two newsletters and two unpublished  scripts on the Broadway Comics Reading Room page. The new additions are:
4/7/2021 - Replaced the two videos on the Audio/Video page. The old ones could barely be heard. These have the volume increased within the video itself.

12/26/2020 - Facebook has a Broadway Comics Fans group. Consider joining.

12/20/2020 - Added Audio/Video page.

7/12/2020 - Tripwire Magazine Online Article | Lost Tales: Joe James’ Knights On Broadway

7/12/2020 - Tripwire Magazine Online Article | Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: JayJay Jackson’s The Hell I Am

7/12/2020 - Tripwire Magazine Online Article | Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: J.G. Jones’ Fatale: Who Is Like Unto the Beast?

7/12/2020 - Tripwire Magazine Online Article | Scott Braden’s Lost Tales: JayJay Jackson’s Technomancers

5/6/2018 - Added the credits for Babes of Broadway #1.

3/8/2018 - Updated the the Reading Room page with ads and articles from Comics Shop News #'s 462 & 471. Added cover scans of Comics Shop News #'s 462 & 471 to the Broadway related publications page.

3/6/2018 - Added a Broadway Comics ad from CBG #1182 to the Reading Room page.

3/5/2018 - Added a Broadway Comics ad from CBG #1162. Added a Broadway comics ad section to the Reading Room page.
CBG #1162 Broadway ad thumbnail

2/23/2018 - Upgraded the image for Comic Shop News #457.

2/17/2018 - Added Comic Shop News #440 and Comic Shop News #451 to the Broadway related publications page.

1/27/2018 -Added Comic Shop News #457 and upgraded images on the Broadway related publications page.

7/1/2017 - Fixing some bad links.

4/30/2017 - Upgraded cover images for Star Seed and Broadway One-Shots.

4/29/2017 - Upgraded Knights on Broadway cover images. Updated some hyperlinks across the pages

4/26/2017 - Upgraded Powers That Be cover images. Updated the images of the Black & White Preview Comics.

4/25/2017 - Upgraded Fatale cover images.

4/23/2017 - Reviving the old site. Some links may not work until the process is complete. The process of fixing links has begun. Shadow State images have been upgraded.

4/29/2017 - Upgraded Knights on Broadway cover images. Updated some hyperlinks across the pages.

4/26/2017 - Upgraded Powers That Be cover images. Updated the images of the Black & White Preview Comics.

4/25/2017 - Upgraded Fatale cover images.

4/23/2017 - Reviving the old site. Some links may not work until the process is complete. The process of fixing links has begun. Shadow State images have been upgraded.

10/6/05 - No Future Updates planned. Thanks to all who have supported the site and contributed.

7/24/05 - Posted the unpublished script to Makeshift #1. The art and script can now be viewed side-by-side.

7/13/05 - Posted an image of the Fatale Display Board.  Only one of these boards is known to have survived.

3/6/05 - The first update of the year! Posted scans of the signed American Entertainment comics as well as scans of the Certificates of Authenticity. See the signed versions of Knights On Broadway #1 and Fatale #5!

12/25/04 - Merry Christmas! Plans were to scale the site back to the basics. Too much has been going on. Rather than scale it back. The site will return as it was. Updates and fixes are on hold indefinitely.  If you think you have something really cool that needs to be posted, donations are welcome. I cannot promise when, if, or ever any updates will occur.  

7/25/04 - Thanks to Ryan McLelland at for submitting the 40 page script to Star Seed #10. Unfortunately, all updates at this time are currently on hold indefinitely, due to obligations and responsibilities that are not related to the site.  

7/5/04 - Started a page for Broadway Comics promotional items. The first item featured is a scan of the invitation for the Broadway Comics launch party. The page also lists some items such as the Fatale Jacket and Knights On Broadway prototype toy. Unfortunately, the site has no photographs of those.  
Updated the "Miracle on Broadway" page with a story synopsis. Look for select scans of this obscure comic book very soon.  
6/28/04 - Another Broadway related gem has been discovered! Jim Shooter's first choice for artist on Star Seed turned down the offer because it was too "research-heavy". Who was that artist? None other than DC Comics legend Curt Swan! You can check out some sketches of his aborted work in the book "Curt Swan: A Life in Comics" from Vanguard Productions. If you think these sketches are going to look like his 1960's Superman work, think again. In Jim Shooter's words "I told him what I wanted, he understood, and he did it better than you could imagine."

6/14/04 - A tremendous thanks goes out to Pauline Weiss for providing a scan of the extremely rare  "Broadway Video Special Collectors Edition #1." You can also review the inside front cover and the first page of the story in the "Reading Room

5/26/04 - TwoMorrows Publishing has released a book about comics legend Dick Giordano who inked the unpublished "Makeshift" series for Broadway Comics. The book is titled "Dick Giordano: Changing Comics One Day At A Time". It can be purchased at their web site. One illustration in this book is a page of unpublished art from the "Makeshift" series.You can see a larger scan of that same page (Issue #1, Page 10), in the "Makeshift" art section. This page of art is now proudly owned by the Broadway Comics archive. It is great to see another publications spotlighting this unpublished work.


Also, be sure to check out "Mister Moto - Welcome Back Mister Moto" from Moonstone Comics which was drawn by artist Tim Hamilton. Tim is the same artist who penciled the "Makeshift" series. This is a great opportunity to see his current art style.

5/1/04 - Created the Broadway Comics "Reading Room". This section now features scans of the first and last known newsletter. The site now owns Fatale #0 pages 7, 22, 24, & 25 which were already showing in the Art section. 

4/13/04 - Added two more Broadway Comics Newsletters to the archive. 

3/26/04 - Fixed the links at the bottom of the page and made it possible to return back to the main page... I'm sorry about losing that link for the last month! 

3/21/04 - Created a new page for Solicited Product. The first 3 months of solicitations are now transcribed. 

3/20/04 - Added some published Ads to the new ad page. 

3/17/04 - Posted a controversial Fatale ad which was featured in some publications. 

3/13/04 - Posted a Fatale story titled The Lucy and Desi Story on the scripts page. Redirected all email corresepondence through the messageboardFatale Reference Images 

2/29/04 - Posted the Knights On Broadway #2 script

2/28/04 - A new improved messageboard to discuss Broadway ComicsDefiant Comics and Valiant Comics

2/23/04 - 'Til Death Do Us Part script added. BLOODS.C.R.E.A.M preliminary script added. 

2/18/04 - Began posting an unpublished Fatale script titled "In Defiance of Reality". This script was submitted in electronic format. The original file was dated 9/26/96. Some of the original formatting was lost in conversion. This is a stunning piece because it features a crossover between Defiant Comics and Broadway Comics. 

2/17/04 - Added some unpublished cover images on the Cancelled Product page. 
2/14/04 - Fatale #0 script and artwork completed. Happy Valentines Day! 
Fatale 0 panel2/12/04 - Began  the posting the Fatale #0 script along with unpublished art. Get the story, least the first few pages for now! Thanks to Michael Sacal (MOTA) for this script submission. According to Mr. Sacal, this script was posted  years ago on the now-defunct Broadway Comics web site. He printed the script and this is an OCR extraction of the text from his printout. OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition" and it involves extracting text from a scan rather than transcribing or typing it by hand. It is a time saver. Some text errors may exist. Some slight formatting was changed, including the inclusion of original unpublihed art. 

2/11/04 - Makeshift #3 art scans are now online! 

2/9/04 - Virtually all of Makeshift #2 art is available for review online now. I've experimented with different layouts, and it is all subject to change. Issue #3 will hopefully be up later this week. 

2/1/04 - The Broadway Comics Newsletter has now been added to the archive! 

1/28/04 - The unpublished artwork for Makeshift #1 is now online. Thanks to Comic Art Showcase

1/25/04 - I've been overwhelmed with updates to a new art site. If free space allows, the Makeshift art will be posted at Comics Art Showcase. 
1/11/04 - The archive has just acquired the following pieces of original Broadway Comics unpublished artwork! 
Fatale #7 pgs. 2, 4, 5, 6. 
Makeshift #1 pgs. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, and the cover (2 pieces). 
Makeshift #2 pgs.1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 20, and the cover (2 pieces). 
Makeshift #3 pgs.1, 2, 3, 6 (pencils only), 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 (pencils only), and the cover (mostly pencils, some inking). 
These pieces were all penciled by artist Tim Hamilton. The Makeshift pages were inked by none other than comics legend Dick Giordano. Pictured (left) is the unpublished cover of Makeshift #1. Scans and links to follow at a future date! 

1/5/04 - Added a picture of the unreleased City Perilous #1 cover. City perilous was released as Knights on Broadway

1/4/04 -  The Broadway Comics' title listings at are now correct! This online Price Guide should only be used as a reference. Market prices are subject to fluctuation. 

11/15/03 - Link added to While supplies last, original Fatale artwork may be purchased at the site. 

11/13/03 - Added Original Art for the unpublished Origin of Fatale

11/11/03 - Added a page for Original Art. Added links

10/16/03 - Scanned Powers That Be #1 Promotional Copy

10/11/03 - Increased size of thumbnails on the Black & White Preview Comics page, Star Seed, and Powers That Be. 

10/9/03 - Added issue information for Shadow State. Increased the size of the thumbnails. 

9/30/03 - Added issue information for Knights on Broadway. Increased the size of the thumbnails. 

9/28/04 - Reformated the Fatale pages. Increased the size of the cover scans. Added some unreleased cover images to the Cancelled Sollicitations page. 

9/27/03 - Added some links to Jim Shooter related web pages. 

9/24/03 - Added most of the issue information for Powers That Be and Star Seed

9/22/03 - In the process of fixing the site so it will work with Internet Explorer. Added scans for two more of the black and white preview comics

9/14/03 - Added info for individual Fatale issues. These pages are based on information the webmaster was loading into a comics database at another site. 

7/6/03 - Researched the title "Makeshift". All online reports tend to indicate this comic does not exist. 

4/13/03 - Started a page for cancelled solicitations. Find out what was never released. 

3/22/03 - Finished updating all the regular released products in the cover galleries. Click a title or comic book cover within in the gallery index. 

3/17/03 - Created Fatale cover gallery and Shadow State cover gallery. More to follow. 

2/2/03 - Staking ground! A few scan are made, but this site has a long way to go! 

Be sure to check out the related Defiant Comics web site.