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Published Script
Knights On Broadway 
(Published in issue #2)
"I Remember The Future" part 2
Pages 1 through 13
 Panel Layout Notation
 Knights On Broadway #2 
"I Remember The Future" part 2 

Page 1 

Panel 1: 2/3 Medium shot of a destroyed home. There is smoke and some fire. Dan is standing there looking at his home in shock. Jenn and Ms. Hopkins are facing off. Ms. Hopkins is holding Tammy back, using herself as a shield against Jenn.  

Caption:           November 15, 1990. 2:43 PM 
                        The remains of the Neil residence. Springfield, Missouri. 

Caption:           T-minus 10 years. 

Dan:                My house...what ...what happened to the house? 

Jennifer:           This is your fault, Ms. Hopkins. She was under your supervision. 

Panel 2: 1/6 Jennifer slaps Ms. Hopkins in the face. A slap, Jennifer does not punch her, no kung fu, just a wonderfully feminine slap. Tam tries to come between them.  

Jenn:                What kind of nanny are you? 

Ms. H:             Ohh! 

Tam:                Mom, no! Leave her alone. It's my fa 

Panel 3: 1/6 This is a close medium two shot of Tam and Ms Hopkins. Tam's  eyes are wide with shock and a little fear.  Ms. Hopkins is looking at Tam incredulously.  

Tam:                My gravity lens works! I created my own black hole. But things got a little out of control 
                        ...the planet would have been ripped apart if it weren't for Ms. Hopkins. I would have sucked 
                        into it if not for her...then who would have stopped it? 

Hopkins:          Tamara, this is not the thing your parents want to hear. 

Jenn:                What the hell are you talking about ? 

Page 2 

Pnl 1: 1/6 This is a close up of Tam. She is looking evil again
Tam :                I've told you before, Mom. The world is going to end. 
2:                     There will be panic,wars, rebellions, dictators will rise, Biblical-sized apocalypse and all of 
                        this will be brought about by disease. 
3:                      I've had visions--I've seen it. I know I was meant to stop it. And now I know how. 

Pnl 2: 1/6 This is a medium shot of Tam and the ruined house. The contrast is this six year old child against the destroyed home. She has run up some of the rubble and is gesticulating wildly. The kid is happy.  

Tam:                 Do you realize the forces I've tapped into? The ultimate energy source, the unified field! 
                        With it I can sculpt energy fields stronger than any physical material...I could make armor. 
2:                      I've got to start looking for a few good men...and women, of course. 
                        They'll be my champions! Post-metal Knights to stop the wars, battle the dictators, 
                         quell panic, end chaos--hold the world together! 
Pnl 3: 1/9 Shoot through a destroyed window frame. There should still be glass on the frame, but it's broken. In the distance we see Tam. She has stopped waving her arms and is staring into the distance. 
Tam:                 But. I still have to figure out what to do about the plagues. I have a feeling there's a new 
                         disease on its way. A devastating one. Worse than cancer or AIDS. 

Pnl 4: 1/9 Closer in on Tammy. She's rubbing her chin, like a car mechanic giving you an estimate. Presumably she is looking back at her folks.  

Tam:                 But I'm close to the mastery of the unified field, then anything will be possible. 
                        Engineering on atomic--heck, subatomic levels. Could even rebuild people--! 
2:                      Boy all this thinking is making me hungry. Can we go to Denny's? 
Pnl 5 1/9 This is a close-medium shot of Jenn, Ms. Hopkins and Dan. In that order. They're all looking at Tam in various states of disbelief and shock. Ms. Hopkins is still holding the part of her face that Jenn hit.  

Dan:                 Did I hear you say you almost blew up the world? 

Pnl 6: 1/9 This is a shot past the three adults framing Tam's little figure. We're at Tam's level. She has a very girlish expression on her face, her eyes to the side. The kind of expression a kid makes when they're telling you something they know you don't want to hear.  

Tam:                 Well... yeah, sure. 'Kay. Like, there's some risk. Y'know. But... umm...the real risk 
                         is that my technology will fall into the wrong hands. Could be used as a doomsday 
                        weapon, then, poof ! Planet chunks. 

Pnl 7: 1/9 This is a bust shot of Jenn and Dan, in that order. Jenn looks like she's about to bust a vein. Tam is off panel. 

Tam:                 Dad, we may want to build our next house in a secret location. And,there'd be a learning 
                        curve, but I think you should quit your job at the lab and come assist me. I need people 
                         I can trust. It means the fate of the world. What do you say? 

Pnl 8: 1/9 Medium shot. Full figures. Jenn is slapping the daylights out of Tam.  

Jenn:                 My God! 
Tam:                 Oww! 

Page 3 

Pnl 1: 1/9 This is a shot of Jenn looming over Tammy. Tam is on the floor rubbing the part of her face that's been hit. 

Jenn:                 This stops now! No more of this weird science-fiction nonsense fantasy crap. 
                        You're going to behave like a normal child. You will behave like a six year old! 

Pnl 2: 1/9  Medium. Full figures. Jenn has turned to Ms. Hopkins. Jenn looks enraged, she's screaming. Show some of the destroyed home.  

Jenn:                 And you! You're...fired! Get out! I'm going to sue you and...and there must be criminal 
                        charges we can press! You'd better enjoy your last few hours of peace because as of 
                        tomorrow your life will be hell. 

Pnl 3: 1/9 Medium shot as Ms. Hopkins walks away. In the background we see Jenn, her arms on her hips. And Dan is holding back Tam who is pleading with Ms. Hopkins trying to run towards her. Behind them we should see their ruined home.  
Tam:                 Ms. Hopkins, don't go! Please. I need you. The world needs you! 

Pnl 4: 1/9 Close up of a television screen, the word MUTE is on the upper right of the screen. The image on the screen is the destroyed home of the Neil's. A reporter on the scene is also visible. 

Caption:            10:15 PM. The Ramada Inn. 
Dan:                  (off-panel) Yeah! My house! I can't believe it either. I don't know what happened. 
                         The nanny was there. Oh, yeah. You got that right--I'm going to sue! 
Pnl 5: 1/9 Pull back. We see Dan by the phone and the teevee. 
Dan:                  Yeah, both the agency and Ms. Hopkins for reckless endangerment of the child and 
                         destruction of private property. 
2:                      No, I'm not going to be in tomorrow. You're going to have to run those isotope tests 
                         on your own, okay? See you in a couple of days. Bye. 
Pnl 6: 1/9 Pull back again. Jenn and Dan in a close medium shot with the teevee. 

Dan:                  Jacob sends his sympathy. 
Tam:                  (off panel) Daddy, please don't sue Ms. Hopkins. It was my fault. 

Pnl 7: 1/6 Pull back again. This is a medium shot of the hotel room. There are a couple of garbage bags and cardboard liquor boxes filled with what the Neils could scavenge from their home. Jenn is presently looking through one of the cardboard boxes removing some papers. Dan is still on the phone, sitting on the bed. looking at the teevee. In the foreground we should see the bathroom door, slightly open. Standing outside the door is Tam, she has a notebook in her hands.  

Dan:                 What really happened, Tam? 
Tam:                 I told you. 
Jenn:                 Little psycho. Little devil-possessed monster! 
Pnl 8: 1/6 This is a close medium shot of Tam with a notebook against her chest. She has a slight smile across her closed lips.  

Tam:                 Listen, I think you'll see how reasonable all of this is if I go over the events with you step by step. 
                        But first I want to show you the designs for the...warriors... I've seen in my visions. 

Page 4 

Pnl 1: 1/3 This is a close up of Tam holding the notebook out at us. She should be grinning big time! On the page of the notebook we should see a crayon drawing of the Knights On Broadway. 

Tam:                 They have knights...see? 

Pnl 2: 1/9 This is a close medium shot. We're shooting past Dan and Tam.  Dan has grabbed Tam by the side of her shoulders. He looks furious. He has never exploded in front of Tam this way so she looks completely frightened. In the background we should see some of Jenn. Jenn is standing, arms folded, looking squinty-eyed and cold. The notebook has dropped from Tam's hand.  

Dan:                 Are you crazy? Has Ms.Hopkins put you up to this? Now what really happened to our house, Tam? 
Tam:                 Ms. Hopkins didn't do anything! I said it was a black hole! 
Jenn:                That nanny has made our weird child worse! Encouraged this visions crap. 
                       We'll screw her so good. 

Pnl 3: 1/9 Two shot close medium of Dan and Tam. Shooting past Dan's shoulder. Tam looks terrified.  

Tam:                 No! Please! Please don't! I'll do anything! 
Dan:                 Then tell us the truth. No fantastic visions, no lies. 

Pnl 4: 1/9 Close up of the child. She is staring down towards the ground. She has her notebook to her chest. Except here the image of the Knights is facing  towards us.  

Tam:                 Okay. It. It was...a gas explosion. I did it. Sorry. Now, will you leave her alone. Please? 

Pnl 5: 1/6 Dan is sitting on the bed again with his head in his hands. Jenn is picking up the notebook that Tam dropped and is looking in Tams direction. Tam is on her butt on the floor looking up at Jenn.  

Jenn:                 Get this straight, young lady--From now on you're going to stop playing with electronic 
                         equipment. You're going to play with dolls and wear pretty clothes like other girls. 
                        You're going to school with children you're own age. 
                        And you are going to see a therapist. 

Pnl 6: 1/6 This is a close-medium shot. Shoot past Jenn as she is tearing the page that contains the Knights drawing out of the notebook. Effectively tearing it in half. Tam is terrified.  
Jenn:                 I see you with so much as a soldering iron in your hand, I  press charges. 
                         I see one Stephen Hawking book in your room, I  press charges. 
2:                      I hear you telling strange stories to your classmates, or win a Science Fair within 
                         the next five years, or ask a question about photosynthesis or nuclear anything! 
                         Ms. Hopkins goes to jail till you're an old woman! Understand?! 
Tam:                 All right. I promise. 

Page 5 

Pnl 1: 1/9 A medium shot of Tam sitting in a chair. She has a ridiculously cute dress on and is wearing pony tails. Ribbons and ruffles. She must look like the most adorable child on earth. A sharp contrast to what she looked like before.  Her therapists voice is coming in from off panel.  

Caption:            November 28, 1990. 11:20 AM. 
                         The offices of Dr. Benjamin Grey, child psychologist. 
Ben:                  Why won't you tell me anything, Tammy? 
Tam:                  If I talk about it they'll send Ms. Hopkins to jail. I can't tell you anything. 

Pnl 2: 1/9 Close up of Dr. Ben Grey. He is a thin, sharply featured man in his thirties, he is gentle looking and actually very handsome.  He wears thin rimmed glasses and is sleepy eyed. He is rubbing his chin with his index and middle finger and is looking at Tammy in the way someone stares at you when they don't believe what you're saying but they're not going to tell you. Tam is off panel. 

Ben:                  Oh, no, no, Tammy. You know what confidentiality means, right? 
                          I won't disclose anything we discuss here. 
Tam:                 Well, 'kay. But no technical details. I haven't been able to patent my equipment yet... 

Pnl 3: 1/9 Close-up of Ben. He looks mystified. His glasses are now on the rim of his nose his mouth is open.  

Caption:            Later. 
Tam:                  ...I've tried to continue my work in secret. It's impossible. Mom watches me like a hawk. 
                          I can't get near my books, or even my soldering iron. I'm losing time. 
                         The window is closing-- the possible future of the knights is fading. 
                         And that...that would be the end of hope. 

Pnl 4: 1/6 Establishing shot of the room. We should see Ben seated behind his rather modern looking desk and Tam on a chair in front of him. No one else is in the room. The office is very modern looking, no old book cases, old paintings etc.  

Ben:                  Right. Well. These knightly fellows, do you see them all the time, or...? 

Tam:                 Only sometimes...when I stare at a reflective surface. But you're not listening. 
                        The knights won't exist if I don't rebuild my gravity lens. Please help me. 
                        For the sake of the planet. 

Pnl 5: 1/6 Medium shot. Tam is off of her seat, she's waving her arms wildly.  

Ben:                  I...don't think so. But we should try to work through the fears that cause these bad 
                        dreams of yours. 
2:                     Something in you needs for these knights to be real. Isn' t that true, Tammy? 
Tam:                I need the Knights? You need the knights! This world needs the Knights! 
                       Without them we're dead. You understand? Dead! 
Pnl 6: 2/9 This is a shot of a classroom. The teacher is sitting by the edge of the desk reading a desk to the students. The book is Curious George by H.A. Rey. In the row closest to the window we should see Tammy she is about two seats down from the front. The other students are staring ahead attentively, where as Tammy staring out the window. It is sunny outside and we should see trees. The classroom is on the ground floor. Shoot just past the teacher.  

Caption:            December 3, 1990. 10:13 AM. 
                        Springfield Elementary School. 
                        Story time. 
Teacher:           "You fooled the fire department," they said. "We will have to shut you up where you can't 
                        do any harm." 

Pnl 7: 1/9 This is a medium shot of Tam, profile. She has her face turned towards the window. Her eyes are wide. She is wearing a beautiful pink dress with a ribbon on her hair. She's got pony tails. The reflection in the glass is blurred.  

Teacher:           "They took him away and shut him in a prison."   

Pnl 1: 1/9 Inset panel.  This shot is composed exactly like the previous panel, except we see an image of Tam at the age of 14 on the glass. Tam is staring at her future self.  

Pnl 2: 2/3 This is a shot of the Knights on Broadway charging at the camera. Big. Bold. Beautiful. They are led by the Black White knight, Marrs, Fritz, William and Marie. No background.  

Radio Burst:      1010 WINS radio. You give us twenty-two minutes, we'll give you the world. The World Health Organization has issued a report that an outbreak of the virus X has occured in the city of Santiago,   Panama. Fourteen hundred people are suspected to be infected. 

Pnl 3: 1/6 Geof, these panels three and four can be boxes or flapjacks-- It's up to you. Whatever you think works best. The armor on the Knights partially disappears, they're stunned. They begin to fall.  

Radio Burst:      The city of Kikwit, Zaire has been quarantined in an attempt to stop the spread of the 
                         deadly Ebola virus. There have been forty-two confirmed deaths. 

Radio Burst:      Thousands of fish were found dead yesterday off the coast of Austrailia. 
                         This is the second such incident this year-- 
Pnl 4: 1/6 This is a shot of them falling further away, their armor is completely gone. But this time they're screaming as if in great pain. In this shot we reveal what these people look like underneath their armor. Their descriptions are as follows: 

Radio Burst:      YEAH-US! It says in Revelashuns chap-tuh sixteen, verse two! 
                         "The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea and it turned into blood like that 
                         of a dead man, and everything in the sea died!" 

Black White: Is a new character who'll appear later on in this issue. He's a Caucasian male. About six feet tall, well built, but thin. He has longish black hair. He looks a little like the actor Tom Cruise. Here he is dressed very casually: a collar shirt over a black tee shirt. Jeans and sneakers.  

Marrs: Is dressed in a brown leather jacket, waist length, a white tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans and workboots. The hip kind. 

Fritz: Is wearing prison clothing, be sure we see his serial number across his breast pocket.  

William: Is dressed in a Catholic priest's clothing. The clothing they wear during Mass. The white frock over the usual black.  

Marie: Is wearing real hip-hop style clothes. Tight jeans, big earrings, exposed belly.  

Page 7 

Pnl 1: 1/9 This is a close-medium shot of Jacob by a computer terminal, in a lab. He is holding his stomach, he looks sick. He is pale and sweating.  

Radio Burst:      Dr. Cross, what are the symptoms? 
Radio Burst:      First, severe headaches followed by fever... 
Radio burst:      (different type)January 14, 2004 In the news today Dr. Harold Cross, renowned 
                        medical researcher... 
Pnl 2: 1/9          This is a close-medium shot of Marrs, on his knees, one arm holding his waist, another arm leaning on a car. By the looks of him he is a car mechanic. He has just thrown up blood and is staring at it in horror. His face is pale and it has red patches on it. 

Radio Burst:     Then bloodclots and hemorrhages occur throughout the body... 
Radio Burst:     (different type)...has defected to the middle east... 
Pnl 3: 1/9 This is a close-medium shot of Fritz lying on his bed in a prison hospital. He has extremely infected, raw, pus-filled bleeding red patches on his face. Blood trickles out of every orifice. 

Radio Burst:     ...organs begin to decay and blood leaks through the capillaries into the tissues. 
                        But this blood doesn't clot... 
Radio Burst:     (different type)...and has joined the United Arab Monarchy... 
Pnl 4: 1/9 This is a close-medium shot of William, lying with his face to the ground in the church. He's fallen out of the confession booth,  mid confession. Blood pours out of the mouth of his blotchy, red stained face.  

Radio Burst: the body's internal cavities fill up with blood. Subsequently blood leaks out from all 
                        orifices of the body. 
Radio Burst:      (different type)...with whom he is said to be developing... 
Pnl 5: 1/9 This is a shot of Marie lying in a hospital bed with one of those clear plastic isolation tents over it. She's practically rotted but only recently dead. The machine next to her hospital bed reads flatline.  

Radio Burst:      You actually die from massive blood loss and shock. It isn't pretty but at least it's quick. 
Radio Burst:      (different type) illegal weapon according to the Geneva conventions ... 

Pnl 6: 1/9 This is a shot of Tammy at the age of seventeen. She has a straight- jacket on and is staring into the distance. Behind her, taped to the wall we should see crayon drawings of the Knights that we saw on page 4 panel 1. But here fire armor should be x-ed out with a note below her saying "Died before I could Knight her"  

Radio Burst:      What about that new virus X? 

Radio Burst:      X works on the brain. Early stages produce delusions, they think the world is coming to an end... 
Radio Burst:      (different type)...a bomb carrying a mutated form of the X virus. 
Pnl 7: 1/6   This is a shot of soldiers fighting, shooting at each other in the streets of New York . Civilians are getting shot at. It's as if the National Guard went crazy and began to blow away citizens.  
Radio Burst:      Revelashuns nine thirteen. " And the angels who had been kept ready for this very 
                         hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind." 
                        Ya hear me? 

Music Burst:      I got my finger on the trigga so BLEEPBLEEP wonder why when your living in the 
                         city it's do or die! 

Pnl 8: 1/6  A truck load of corpses is driving past a military check point just by the Lincoln tunnel. The soldiers are wearing gas masks. The truck we see is last in the line of about four, they're all full of bodies. 

Radio Burst:      Obey Federal Quarantine. Do not go to the hospitals. 
                         If there are infected in your homes place a white cloth on your window. 
                         The red cross will get to you as soon as-- 
Music Burst:      Get up a get get a-get down. Nine-one-ones' a joke in yo' town! 

Page 8 

Pnl 1: 1/3 We see a bunch of soldiers and people dressed in makeshift garb having all out war on the streets of Times Square. The skies are red.  

Radio Burst:      World news report. An outbreak of the Bubonic Plague has occurred in Delhi, India. 

Radio Burst:      This just in, today fifteen hundred people infected with the X virus were shot dead 
                         trying to cross the border from India to Pakistan. 

Pnl 2: 1/6 Sliver. Pull back. We see the horizon, we see part of  the North American continent. And over where New York City would be we see a nuclear cloud.  

Radio Burst:      A state of war has erupted between Israel and the Islamic Monarchy. 
Music Burst:      I wanna cry but I gottta laugh. Big Bang Baby it's a crash crash crash! 
Music Burst:      I started a joke that kept the whole world Laughing... 
Pnl 3: 1/6 Sliver. Pull back. We see the planet Earth. We see more nuclear clouds erupt on various parts of the surface.  The Earth's atmosphere turns dark.  

Radio Burst:      US intervention is imm--- 
Radio Burst:      The Lord is com-- 
Music Burst:     But I couldn't see that the joke was on m-- 
Teacher:           Tamara? 
Pnl 4: 1/6 No Bleed. The camera is behind Tam's little shoulder, we see  the window again and on it is a blurred version of the previous panel. 

Teacher:            Tamara! 

Pnl 5: 1/6  No Bleed. This shot is composed exactly like the previous panel. Except we see the reflection clearly. Tam is surrounded by the students and her teacher. These are the same children and teacher we saw a few panels ago except now we're in real time.  

Kid#1:              What're ya starin' out the window fer? 
Kid#2:              Yea, there's nothing to see 'cept trees. New kids are always weird. Creee-py. 
Teacher:            Are you okay, honey? 
Tam:                 No. None of us are.The knights have disappeared. 

Page 9 Full Bleed Ends 

Pnl 1: 1/9 Medium shot. Tam is sitting on her bed in the foreground playing with a doll. Tam is facing us, we are seeing the back of the doll. In the background Jenn is walking in through the door, she looks shocked.  

Caption:            January 5, 1991. 10: 43 PM. 
Jenn:                 My God--what are you doing? I just brought that doll! 
Pnl 2: 1/9 Close up. We're now seeing Tam from Jenns point of view. Tam is looking up at Jenn while holding the doll up. Tam has a very childlike expression, sort of sad. The dolls face has been marred by Tam with a marker, she has made blood run from all of it's orifices, given it sores and  ripped clumps of it' s hair off in spots.  

Tam:                 Sorry Mom. I just made it die of the X virus...soon everyone will look like this . 
Pnl 3:  1/9 This is an exterior establishing shot of the Neils' new home. There should be a Century Twenty-one sign posted on the lawn with a sold sticker on it. Balloons to house. 
Caption:           11:03 PM 
Jenn:                 Look at this! Look at what she did! 
                        She painted blood on its face, do you know what this means? 
Dan:                 Means she doesn't like cabbage patch dolls? 
Pnl 4: 1/6 Medium, establish the room. Dan is sitting on a stool by the kitchen counter, having coffee. Jenn is standing near him, appealing to him, with papers in her hand. The doll is on the kitchen counter.  Dan is turning away from her in his chair.  

Jenn:                 Be serious! She hasn't changed! She's up to something wicked, I know it! I feel it. 
Dan:                 She's not up to anything, you've made sure of that. You're being too hard on her! 
                        She doesn't want to play with dolls, she's  beyond that stuff. Maybe we should let her 
                        play with her equipment a little... 

Pnl 5: 1/6   Close medium of Jenn. She has four sheets of construction paper in her hand. On the paper, written in crayon by Tam, are equations and schematics for the Gravity Lens.  
 Also, Geof, on the corner of the top sheet we should draw a rough sketch of what will become the Tomorrow  Technologies Logo.1 Don't play it up but it should be there because we will make direct reference to it later in the story. 

Jenn:                 No way! Not after what her little machine did to the last house. 
                         I don't believe her gas explosion story. She wasn't building a toy, Dan. 
                         It was something horrible, like a bomb or --I don't know! You tell me! 
2:                      I found these in the rubble of the old house. 
                        Look at them, what do they mean? 
                        What kind of evil was she creating? 

Pnl 6: 1/6 Close Medium shot of Jenn and Dan. We're shooting past him, he's finger pointing at Jenn. Jenn is looking at Dan, her eyes are wide. She should look mortally offended.  

Dan:                 We've gone over this, Jenn. They're meaningless. 
2:                      Y'know, you sound just like your Grandma. 
                         Better be careful you don' t wind up in the funny farm like she did. 
                        They say stuff like that skips generations. 
Pnl 7: 1/6 Close medium. Similar angle to last shot. Jenn is slapping the cup of coffee out of Dan's hand.  

Jenn:                 Bastard! How could you throw that in my face? 
Dan:                  Cut the family shame crap! Can't you see that you're talking like a lunatic? 

Page 10 
Pnl 1: 1/9 Medium. Jenn is storming off towards the door in the background While Dan is staring down at his wet mid-section.  
Jenn:                  I can't believe you'd even mention that. I can't stand this anymore--I'm going out! 
Dan:                  Ahh... 

Pnl 2: 1/9  Medium. Same composition as previous panel. Except here the door is slamming.  
Dan:         pair of pants.  

Pnl 3: 1/9 Medium shot. Exterior of Jacobs apartment building.  

Caption:           11:43 p.m. 
                        The home of Jacob Noire. 
Jenn:                ...She talks about black holes...gravitation lenses, unity fields. 
                       And she actually built this...machine. 

Pnl 4: 2/9 Jenn in Jacob's living room. It's later on the same evening so she still wearing the same clothing. Jacob is a bachelor who happens to be a scientist, his apartment should reflect this. There are books, computer equipment etc. Chaos Theory books must be in evidence. He's seated on a stool, she's on the couch. Jacob's looking at the papers. If we can lets try to make this similar in composition to page 9 panel 4.  

Jenn:                  I don't understand these notes but I know they mean something. 
                         'Course Dan doesn't want to look at them. 
                         He thinks she' s cute, a child genius. 
2:                      But I've seen the look in her eyes, Jacob. 
Pnl 5: 1/9 This is a close up of Jenn. She is looking pretty agitated. 

Jenn:                 She's tampering with dark forces and worse, she's capable of unleashing them. 
                         I know this device is involved somehow... I had no one else to come to 
                         ...what do they mean? 

Pnl 6: 1/6 Jenn has her back to Jacob. She's holding herself. We're shooting past her, she can be cropped. Behind her we should see the young and handsome Jacob, he's at bust depth. We want to get a good view of his face.  He should look like Tom Cruise. Except unkempt longer black hair and fuzz on his face. This man must seem absolutely charming. 

Jacob:      a glance, they don' t make sense. I think she just picked a bunch of different 
                         equations from different books and linked them together. 
2:                      So you say she built this? What did it do, I mean why do you think--? 

Jenn:                 (off panel) It destroyed the house!! But Dan doesn't think so...she's got him fooled as well. 
                        Damn. I can't even talk to him anymore. 

Pnl 7: 1/6 Close-medium. We see enough of Jenn to know that she's still holding herself. Jacob has stood up and has moved in closer to Jenn. He's' put his hand on her arm. He should look sincere. 
Jacob:              Hey. If it'll make you feel better, let me hold on to these notes and I'll go over them. 
Jenn:                Thank you, Jacob. Thanks for listening. It's been so long since I felt...I was being heard. 

Page 11 

Pnl 1: 1/9 Same angle and general composition as previous panel. Except here Jenn's turned around to face him. She has a weary smile on her face.  

Jacob:               Hey, if you want to get together again and talk. I'm here for you. 
Jenn:                 Really? That would be nice. I'd really like that. 

Pnl 2: 1/9 Same angle and general composition as previous panel. Jenn has put her head on Jacob's shoulder. He should look very surprised. 

Jenn:                 Thank you. 

Pnl 3: 1/9 Shoot past Tammy's notes on the counter. In the background we see Jacob and Jenn holding each other. Except Jacob is looking at Tam's notes.   Jacob is putting his arms around Jenn in that awkward I-guess-I'll-hold-you-if-you're-going-to-be-this-close-to-me kind of way.  

Jacob:               Sure...Hey, I'm all yours. 

Pnl 4: 1/6 Close up of Tam looking over the top edge of the book " Le Mort De Arthur". She is looking to the side in response to the voice calling her from off panel.   

Caption:            April 18, 1991.1:12 PM. 
                         The school yard. 
Ms.Hopkins:     (off-panel) Psst. Tamara Bryn! 
Pnl 5: 1/6 This is a Medium shot. She is standing in front of Ms. Hopkins with only the gate between them. Ms. Hopkins body language is conspiratorial, she wants to make sure she isn't seen. Shoot from behind Tam.  

Tam:                 Diana--I mean, Ms. Hopkins!! 
Ms. H:              Child, I need to make this quick. If I'm seen talking to you I could be arrested. 
                         I couldn't leave with out saying good-bye. 
Tam:                 What ? 
Pnl 6: 1/6 A close medium of Ms. Hopkins. Were seeing her through the fence.  

Ms. H:              You're parents had a restraining order put on me. And then they reported me to the 
                         agency who in turn revoked my child care license. I can't get a job anymore. 
2:                      So I'm going back to Jamaica. At least I have family there. 
                         It'll be easier to make ends meet . 

Pnl 7: 1/6 This is a close up of Tam. Again this is through the chain link fence. She is shocked. 

Tam:                They lied to me. They told me that they wouldn't press charges against you if 
                        I played with their damn dolls. If I behaved ...normal! 
2:                     My mother's interference has sealed the earth to a fate of destruction! 
                        All that for a lie? Do you realize all the...death that woman's caused? 

Page 12 

Pnl 1: 1/6 Closer on Tam. Cropped. She's excited, she's got that evil look again. 

Ms. Hopkins:     (off panel) Caused? Your mother hasn't killed anyone. 

Tam:                  Her actions have. Or they will. If we don't stop it. 
2:                       You see, I remember the future, Ms. Hopkins. And we must change it. 

Pnl 2: 1/6  Medium shot. Full figures. It's a profile of the two figures with a thin line between them (the fence). Let's see some of the cab on Ms. Hopkins' side.  
Tam:                  I have a plan I've been thinking for a while. We could move to New York City, 
                         sell a few minor patents, put the money on the stock market and raise a couple of million. 
2:                      That would give us start up capital for a technology company. 
                         Then I'd have the resources and time to work on my gravity lens. 
Pnl 3: 1/6 Close-Medium. Shoot past Tam at Ms. Hopkins. Hopkins has one eyebrow raised and one hand on her hip and is looking at Tam with incredulity.  

Tam:                  You'd have to be the front person, of course, since I'm under age. 
                         We'd give you a new name and everything. 
                          The company would make computer chips or something for cash 
                          ...but we'd really be saving the world! 
Hopkins:            Child, are you listening to yourself? 

Pnl 4: 1/6 This is a close up of Tam

Tam:                 Of course! I know how this sounds. 'Kay, like there's some risk. 
                         Kidnapping is a federal offense. But the world is at stake. 
                         You've seen what I can do. The technology just needs to be perfected. 
2:                      If I'm right, the world will be spared and we may open the door to the cure for all ills. 
                         Risk or certain death. It's true for the both of us. 
Efx:                   Riiinnnggg. 
Pnl 4: 1/9 Full figure. Shoot from behind Ms. Hopkins as Tam starts to head off.  
Tam:                 That's the bell. Meet me at the corner of Mills and Hanover two weeks from today. 
                        At about eleven o'clock PM, 'kay? Please Ms. Hopkins...I'm not crazy. 
                        You 've got to help me. You've seen what I can do! 

Pnl 5: 1/9 Full figure. This is a shot of Ms. Hopkins approaching the cab.  
Pnl 6: 1/9 This is a shot of Ms. Hopkins seated in the backseat of the cab talking to the driver. Ms. Hopkins is talking to the driver but is Looking towards the direction of the school yard.  
Ms. Hopkins:     Branson Airport, please. 

Page 13 
Pnl 1: 1/9 Medium shot. We're in the home of Jacob Noire. He is sitting by his computer with Tammy's notes in front of him. He's in a tee shirt and sweat pants. He should look as grubby as we all look when working till 3am.  

Caption:            April 24, 1991.1:43 AM. 
                         The Home of Jacob Noire. 

Pnl 2: 1/9 Close-up of Jacob. He should look unshaven, but still very handsome. He stops typing and is looking off into the distance. We should see a bit of his computer screen in this shot as well.  

Jacob:               Oh, my God... 

Pnl 3: 1/9 This is a shot of the papers in Jacob's hands.  

Jacob:               This actually makes...sense. 

Pnl 4: 1/9 This is a close up of Jenn. She' s about to shove some noodles in her mouth.  

Caption:            The next day. 12:10 PM. 
                         The New China restaurant. 

Jacob:               (off panel) Just curious, Jenn, what else did Tammy say about the, uh, gravity lens? 

Pnl 5: 1/9 Close-medium, two-shot. Jenn and Jacob. There should be plates of food on the table. Jenn looks extremely inquisitive all of a sudden. Whereas Jacob looks very, very casual, he's smiling. 

Jenn:                 Something about...making black holes with it. Why do you ask? 
                        You find something in those notes? 
Jacob:               Oh, no. Nothing. Silly scrawls. But intriguing fantasies. 
                         Maybe she'll grow up to be the next Jules Verne. 

Pnl 6: 1/9 Close ups of Jacob and Jenn, facing each other, smiling. 

Jacob:               So, are you enjoying your chow mai fun? Best in town. 
Jenn:                 So-so. The company's better, though. 
Pnl 7: 2/9 Medium shot full figure. Tam and Dan. They're in the living room of their new house. Dan has his back to Tam and is talking on the phone, While Tam is tugging at the back of his shirt.  
Caption:            Two weeks later. 
                        May 2, 1991. T-minus 5 years. 
Tam:                 (whisper) Psst! Dad! 
Dan:                 Yeah, she's out all the time. I don't know where. Nah. Hold on a sec'. 

Pnl 8: 1/9  Close medium as Tam walks away towards the stairs.  
Tam:                 Dad, I 'm going to use the soldering iron again, okay.? 
Dan:                  Fine. But the minute your Mom comes home--hide it. 
Tam:                 'Kay. 


 1 This is a note for artist Geof Isherwood who drew the published comic.