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Unpublished Story 
(not yet a script)
"The Lucy and Desi Adventure"
(original date unknown)
Fatale Story 
The Lucy and Desi Adventure 
Written by Janet Jackson 

As our story opens, Fatale is sitting in Vidal Sassoon, LA dressed in the little black smock having her hair trimmed by Gerard. In the BG we see a middle aged man with a beard who's head is covered in little pink perm curlers. Gerard and Fatale are chatting when the sounds of gunfire are heard outside. A figure leaps through the plate glass window, booted feet first, and shatters  it into a million fragments. Fatale is shocked to recognize Lucy! Several armed men are trying to kill her. Everybody dives for cover. The "clients" and Vidal Sassoon employees react in various ways. Some scream and panic some sensibly try to herd the stunned clients out the back way. Gerard tries to help Fatale toward the back, but she pushes him away and tells him to get to safety. Diva, the hair colorist, tries to pull the curlered man away as he stares, fascinated, at the firefight, seemingly unaware of the danger. 
Fatale helps Lucy defeat the men establishing her ability in the process. We also establish that Lucy is a capable and efficient fighter. 
Lucy tells Fatale that she must come with her right away to save Duke, that he's in potential danger. As they are leaving, Gerard runs out and gives a business card to Fatale saying that the curler man is a famous director and wants her for his next film. 
Lucy and Fatale get on a chartered jet to Angola. Lucy fills Fatale in on the situation on the way. Lucy and Duke have been fighting. Duke drinks too much and has nothing to occupy his time. Lucy is not the domestic type and both have been on their own for most of their lives. Lucy decided that what Duke needed to straighten him out was work and she made a few calls to old acquaintances and asked for help getting Duke a safe mission to keep him occupied.  A call came from an old acquaintance, "El" Sid, to go to Angola. It seems that for most of the civil war in Angola the rebels have occupied the diamond mines and now the government is determined to get them back. The rebels want to remove as many diamonds as possible from the mines and from the country to sell on the black market and this guy is going to courier some out. The mission is not without some risk, but mercenary-wise it is a milk run. Duke took the mission partly out of boredom and partly because he "hates those old commies" from way back. 
After Duke is gone another friend called to offer something to Duke and got to talking with Lucy about Sid. He mentioned that the last time he talked to Sid he was spouting some Marxist rhetoric. This scares Lucy and she became worried that Sid is a double agent for Angola's Marxist government. She made a call or two and found out that Sid is working for the Gov't and she figures that he is probably planning to deliver the diamonds and Duke into their hands. She tried to warn Duke but Sid intercepted the message and she pretty much knew that Duke could be in even more danger because of her mistake. A death squad made an attempt on her life in Fla and she realized that this is big and she needed some major backup. She ran for Fatale in LA with the DS hot on her trail. 
Fatale is furious with Lucy for putting Duke in this danger. To her mind, Lucy has fucked up and now Duke could be killed. 
We realize in this conversation that Lucy and Fatale are very different people united only by their love of Duke. They have very different personalities, each thinks that the other is unreasonable. Lucy is an efficient, hardened military woman with an unsympathetic attitude. Fatale is a still a young woman, who wants to have some fun out of life, she doesn't like the idea of fighting and she is still somewhat idealistic and tender-hearted even after all she has been through. She wants a career as an actress and is very excited at the director wanting her for his film. 

OK  so Duke knows or at least suspects about El Sid. He is playing along both because he wants to get the diamonds to the rebels and because he wants to get Sid. He also wants to get to whoever Sid is working for. Which is his old enemy Colonel Roberto Ferreira Viera. He has fought on the side of the rebels before  and while he realizes that they are no angels, he hate the Marxist government more. Maybe he is ready when Sid delivers him to the gov't troops and he explodes something which alerts the rebels to the troops presence and then the troops have to go ahead and attack the mine sooner than they meant to. Maybe at this point of chaos is when Fatale and Lucy arrive. 

old plot - [[A few days ago negotiations broke down and government troops  attacked the rebels and tried to drive them out. The rebels are holding a perimeter while the workers are still toiling away in the mine. The rebels are fighting a losing battle to hold off the Government troops that are pressing them. The rebels on the outside have hired mercenary specialists to go in and get the rebels out to safety. 
The problem is that after Duke left to go on the mission, Lucy got a tip that there was a double agent in the mercenary ranks intending to sabotage the rebels (or kill Duke?). She flew straight to get Fatale to help her go and save Duke but Lucy was followed by men who had discovered what she found out and intended to kill her. ]] 

[The government troops have started shelling the mine area. They want to keep the mine intact, but they know that the mercenaries are on the way and now they need a quick victory. One of the shells causes a partial collapse in one of the tunnels (the main vertical shaft?) and traps the miners inside. It turns out the rebels have been using captured children as well as adults to work the mine. 
About the time Fatale and Lucy arrive all hell breaks loose. The mercenaries break through the lines of the Government forces. The government forces break through the rebel lines into the mine area. There is much confusion and fighting and it is night. 
Fatale and Lucy try to find Duke in the melee. They become separated. At one point Fatale sees Duke. He's fighting, shouting orders and looks better and more alive than he has in years. He gets in trouble as Fatale watches him. She drains a guy and starts to go to help him, but she sees Lucy headed his direction. Lucy is also in her element. Fatale stops. Lucy reaches Duke and they fight side by side and win. Fatale realizes that this is Duke and Lucy's chosen lifestyle. 
The mercenaries and the rebels with Duke and Lucy's help manage to win out over the government troops but only Fatale can get the strength to clear the tunnel and save the trapped miners. She drains the soldiers and clears the fallen rock. (They are surprised to find children as well as adults in the mine?maybe Fatale doesn't understand how Duke can fight for these creeps. Maybe he says that the other side is worse.) 
Duke tells Fatale that even though Lucy did get him into this, he wasn't fooled. He knew that she did and that she did it out of love for him and  he knew about the traitor and had a plan to deal with him. He says he was suspicious of Sid from the start. "He was always a little too red for my tastes." 
Duke and Lucy decide to become a mercenary team and hire out their services. Fatale goes back to meet with the director and he is surprised when he sees her. He says that he wanted the other woman (Lucy). He's making an action film! 

Theme is relationships 
Catalyst is when Fatale realizes that Duke is in danger because of Lucy . 

Conflict is that Fatale wants to get on with her life, doesn't want to do this, can't stand to fight anymore, but has to do it to rescue Duke. She is furious at Lucy for getting Duke into this and resentful that she has to help get him out. 

Climax is when Fatale sees Duke in danger at one point and starts to go to help him and she sees Lucy headed his way, she lets Lucy help Duke and the two of them fight side by side as Fatale watches and realizes... 

Resolution is when Fatale realizes that she can't keep Duke safe and she has to let him go away and live his life the way he wants to. She accepts the lifestyle that Duke and Lucy want to live.