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 Unpublished Script
FATALE 16 Page Special 
"In Defiance of Reality"
(From electronic file dated September 26, 1996)
Panel Layout Notation 
 FATALE 16 Page Special  

A Christmas Story 

Fatale is shopping  in Lord and Taylor on Christmas Eve, the anniversary of her mother's abduction. She is buying last minute presents for loved ones when she sees the perfect coat that she's been looking for, the last one of its kind or a one of a kind designer coat. A fur trimmed Anorak snow bunny coat. (or a hat or a scarf?)  It is the thing she has been looking for for ages. She buys it, joking with the sales girl about buying a present for herself. The doorman flirts with her as she leaves the store. She walks down the street, enjoying the ambiance of New York at Christmas time. She passes an old homeless woman who is talking to unseen things like a crazy person and the woman looks hard at her, suddenly staring. Fatale is nonplused by the scrutiny and keeps on walking, keeping a wary eye on the woman, when something the woman says brings Fatale up short: "There's a dragon in you". 

Fatale says to her that while that may be accurate, she'd like to know how the woman knows that. The woman insists that she come with her to see her friend, a man who can understand this phenomenon. The woman is so desperately insistent that Fatale goes along with her to the McDonalds in Times Square. The old woman, Mercy, says Fatale must go in and talk to her friend Michael sitting at a table inside. She says that she can't go in with her, the management doesn't like her going in there. 

It seems harmless so Fatale goes in to where Michael Alexander is drinking coffee. He says that he can see she has a dragon in her but being more savvy than Mercy, he can see that this is not a problem for her. He introduces himself. He tells Fatale a bit about this being his busy season what with all the people having many pressures on them and feeling depressed and alone. He mentions that many are drawn to Times Square, a kind of center for false hopes. This hits home to Fatale and she thinks about her mother. She asks what he does and he says that he helps the people. He goes quantum and Fatale is left looking around in confusion as he plucks a nasty demon off of someone and tussles with it. He comes back and explains to her that there are people who love to cause misery, that they thrive on it. He excuses himself and leaves. 

Fatale goes outside to where Mercy is waiting and explains that Michael thinks the dragon thing is OK. Fatale asks where Mercy is going now, she doesn't want to leave Mercy alone. A brutish man jostles Mercy and shouts abusively at her for being in his way. Mercy fires back at the man and a ruckus starts, his friends join in, it is obvious that these men have been sent to hurt Mercy. Mercy is a tough old bird but hopelessly outnumbered. Fatale helps fight them off. Afterward Fatale tries to convince Mercy to come to her hotel or any place of Mercy's choosing, but Mercy won't go. Fatale follows Mercy to her ATM cubicle and she gruffly gives Fatale something she values, some sentimental thing. Fatale wants to give Mercy something... she gives her the thing that she bought for herself. She begs Mercy to come with her, she is supposed to meet Duke, Lucy, and Donny for Christmas eve dinner, but Mercy refuses. So Fatale makes some calls and soon the whole crew are having a splendid catered dinner in Mercy's ATM cubicle, sitting on the floor, talking and laughing. Donny and Mercy hit it off, of course. 

On a roof top across the street Michael stands in Quantum, watching the happy scene. The whole area is suffused by a bright golden glow shining from the happiness of the people within and making passersby smile a little. They are banishing the dark things, at least in this vicinity and making a few hearts a little lighter.