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Blood S.C.R.E.A.M.
(from Shadow State #1)
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Published Script
Blood S.C.R.E.A.M.
"Scream 'em Down" Part 1
Pages 1 through 6 (complete)
Panel Layout Notation
Powers that Be #1 2/7/951 


Title "Scream 'em Down", Part 1 

Credits: Created by Broadway Comics 
Written by: Janet Jackson, Joseph A. James, Jim Shooter, Pauline Weiss 
 Drawn: by Jim Fern2 
 Inked by: 
 Painted: Colored by 

Cast of Characters 
 The Dominator 

Splash, Page 1 - Right 2/6 

Full page shot.  Full bleed.  Debris of battle all around, lots of rubble.  Pendulum, Raid, Harlot and Hole are on the ground (and need not be shown; might see arm or leg out from under debris), a good bit of blood.  Superion should be down, staggered, trying to pull himself together.  Afterglow should be comforting/helping Superion, but looking at Dominator defiantly, arms around Superion, arched back, thrusting breasts.  Dominator is preparing for final coup d'grace.  Mosque is coming at him, from behind, in a berserker attack. Mosque is pretty beat up. 

Dominator:              Now ends your interference, Superion.  This time you taste final death! 

                               Then I will finish off the rest of Team BloodSCREAM! 

Afterglow:              Blow it out your tailpipe, Dominator! 

Superion:               *kaff* -- just need -- *kaff* -- a second -- Afterglow -- *kaff* 

                              -- then I'll shove that Blasterrod down his throat! 

Mosque:                HRARRH! 

Page 2-3 (left-right) 2/6 

Double page splash.  See layout for panel placement! 
Small inset of Dominator, upper left corner whirling around in reaction to Mosque. 

Dominator:           Eh? 

Body of splash:    Dominator whirls and with his blasterrod blows through Mosque's midsection, clean thru. 

Dominator:          Very well, then, Mosque! You first! 

Inset of Afterglow's reaction, lower right side. 

Afterglow:           MOSQUE!  NO!!! 

Inset of Superion, looking up in pain, lower right side. 

Superion [small]: Mosque, you crazy son of a... 

Page 4 (left)  2/6 

Panel 1 

Energy blast coming from off panel hitting Dominator, which zaps him in the gut. 

SFX:                 Kraka-pow! 

Dominator:        YARGHH!!! 

Afterglow (op): Monster! 

Panel 2 

Cut to Afterglow posing in a sexy defiant pose, proud bosom jutting forward to the extent that her silicone implants will allow, smoking hands. 

Afterglow:         I hated you before...for the sick things you did to Radiance...but this...! 

                        Every breath you draw is an affront... 

Panel 3  

Afterglow does her spiralkick, leaving her energy trail.  

EFX:               SHRAKOOM!!! 

Afterglow:       I want you DEAD! NOW! 

Panel 4  

Dominator grabs her hair. 

Dominator:      Frailty, thy name is woman... 
Afterglow:       AHHH! 

Page 5 (right) 2/6 

Panel 1  

Dominator looms over Afterglow. (See layout.)3  

Dominator:       Radiance bored me.  I used her with merciful swiftness... 

                        But your succulent body offers far greater inspiration for my...destructive pleasures! 

                       Once I've completed the execution of your teammates... 

Panel 2 

Superion rises up, leaping at the Dominator, knocking him backward. 

Superion:         Get your hands off of my woman! 

SFX:               BUTHOOM! 

Dominator:      UNNNGH! 

Panel 3 

Close-up of Dominator, tight on him.  Wiping his face, inset. 

Dominator:      Imbecile!  You would have been served to close your eyes and pray for a clean deathstroke! 

Panel 4 

Superion slugs Dominator. 

Superion:        You were lucky, Dominator! You caught me off guard...should have made sure I never got up! 

Page 6 (left) 2/6 

Panel 1 

She's firing and the beam goes thorugh Dominator.  Superion is about to throw some large piece of debris at him.  Dominator is fading away. 

Dominator:       There's no need to fight you fairly!  Next time, you won't get up! 

Panel 2 

Afterglow at Mosque's side.  Superion is following, looking around, wary. 

Afterglow:        Mosque...Yusef...hang on!  We've called the medtechs!  Help is on the way! 

Mosque [small]: No... 

Panel 3 

Tight on his face, with her hands near it. 

Mosque"          ...Not gonna make it this time... 

                        ...this death. 


Panel 4 

Superion has her by the shoulders, as if he's gently holding her back  She's down over Mosque. 

Afterglow:        Superion, there must be something we can do for him! 

Superion:         He's gone, Afterglow. 

                       We have to help the others now.  Some of them are badly hurt. 

Panel 5 

Tight two shot.  He's embracing her with one arm, she's pressed against his chest, crying.  His other hand is clenched in a fist. 

Superion:        Then...I won't rest until I've ripped the Dominator's black heart out and crushed it in my fist! 

Afterglow [thought]: And until then, we can never truly be together in peace, can we, my love? 

1This was actually published in Shadow State #1 
2The published comic used art by Hoang Nguyen not Jim Fern. 
3This Script Archive does not have a copy of the specified reference layout.