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Till Death Do Us Part/
Blood S.C.R.E.A.M.
(from Shadow State #1)
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Published Script
Till Death Do Us Part/
Blood S.C.R.E.A.M.
"Image Isn't Everything" Part 1
Pages 1 through 8 (complete)
Panel Layout Notation
Powers that Be #1 2/7/951 
Till Death Do Us Part 

Title "Image Isn't Everything", Part 1 

 Created by Janet Jackson, Joseph A. James, Jim Shooter, Pauline Weiss 
 Drawn by 
 Inked by 
 Painted/Colored by 

Cast of Characters 
Til Death 
Troy Hickenbottom 
Wendi Hickenbottom 
The Dominator

Page 1 2/6 

All type.  (snip)2 

Visage™ Comics and Intense Studios present 
 "Scream 'em Down" 

James S. Jackson-Weiss III 

Jim Fern3 




Dedicated to the Magnificent Seven 
"You must either conquer and rule, or serve and lose." 
 -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

for Visage Comics 
J. Winston Fowlkes III, President 
Barbara Morcerf, Publisher 
Deborah Fix, Managing Editor 
Fernando Brown, Editorial Assistant 
J. Clark Smith, Manager, Sales and Marketing 

false indicia. Issue #16.  FIRST PRINTING. 

Splash, Page 2 - Right 2/6 

Full page shot.  Full bleed.  Debris of battle all around, lots of rubble.  Pendulum, Raid, Harlot and Hole are on the ground (and need not be shown; might see arm or leg out from under debris), a good bit of blood.  Superion should be down, staggered, trying to pull himself together.  Afterglow should be comforting/helping Superion, but looking at Dominator defiantly, arms around Superion, arched back, thrusting breasts.  Dominator is preparing for final coup d'grace.  Mosque is coming at him, from behind, in a berserker attack. Mosque is pretty beat up. 

Dominator:          Now ends your interference, Superion.  This time you taste final death! 

                           Then I will finish off the rest of Team BloodSCREAM! 

Afterglow:           Blow it out your tailpipe, Dominator! 

Superion:            *Kaff* -- just need -- *kaff* -- a second -- Afterglow -- *kaff* 

                          -- then I'll shove that Blasterrod down his throat! 

Mosque:             HRARRH! 

Page 3-4 (left-right) 2/6 

Double page splash.  See page layout for panel placement! 

Small inset of Dominator, upper left corner whirling around in reaction to Mosque. 

Dominator:        Eh? 

Body of splash: Dominator whirls and with his blasterrod blows through Mosque's midsection, clean thru. 

Dominator:        Very well, then, Mosque! You first! 

Inset of Afterglow's reaction, lower right side. 

Afterglow:         MOSQUE!  NO!!! 

Inset of Superion, looking up in pain, lower right side. 

Superion [small]: Mosque, you crazy son of a... 

Page 5 (left) 2/6 

Panel 1 

Energy blast coming from off panel hitting Dominator, which zaps him in the gut. 

SFX:                Kraka-pow! 

Dominator:       YARGHH!!! 

Afterglow (op): Monster! 

Panel 2 

Cut to Afterglow posing in a sexy defiant pose, proud bosom jutting forward to the extent that her silicone implants will allow, smoking hands. 

Afterglow:        I hated you before...for the sick things you did to Radiance...but this...! 

                       Every breath you draw is an affront... 

Panel 3  

Afterglow does her spiralkick, leaving her energy trail.  

EFX:               SHRAKOOM!!! 

Afterglow:       I want you DEAD! NOW! 

Panel 4 

Dominator:      grabs her hair. 

Dominator:      Frailty, thy name is woman... 
Afterglow:       AHHH! 

Page 6 (right) 2/6 

Panel 1 

Dominator looms over Afterglow. (See layout.)4 

Dominator:     Radiance bored me.  I used her with merciful swiftness... 

                       But your succulent body offers far greater inspiration for my...destructive pleasures! 

                       Once I've completed the execution of your teammates... 

Panel 2 

Superion rises up, leaping at the Dominator, knocking him backward. 

Superion:         Get your hands off of my woman! 

SFX:               BUTHOOM! 

Dominator:      UNNNGH! 

Panel 3 

Close-up of Dominator, tight on him.  Wiping his face, inset. 

Dominator:      Imbecile!  You would have been served to close your eyes and pray for a clean deathstroke! 

Panel 4 

Superion slugs Dominator. 

Superion:         You were lucky, Dominator! You caught me off guard...should have made sure I never got up! 

Page 7 (left) 2/6  

Panel 1 

She's firing and the beam goes thorugh Dominator.  Superion is about to throw some large piece of debris at him.  Dominator is fading away. 

Dominator:       There's no need to fight you fairly!  Next time, you won't get up! 

Panel 2 

Afterglow at Mosque's side.  Superion is following, looking around, wary. 

Afterglow:         Mosque...Yusef...hang on!  We've called the medtechs!  Help is on the way! 

Mosque [small]: No... 

Panel 3 

Tight on his face, with her hands near it.  

Mosque:          ..Not gonna make it this time... 

                       ...this death. 


Panel 4 

Superion has her by the shoulders, as if he's gently holding her back  She's down over Mosque.  

Afterglow:        Superion, there must be something we can do for him! 

Superion:         He's gone, Afterglow. 

 We have to help the others now.  Some of them are badly hurt. 

Panel 5 

Tight two shot.  He's embracing her with one arm, she's pressed against his chest, crying.  His other hand is clenched in a fist.  

Superion:         Then...I won't rest until I've ripped the Dominator's black heart out and crushed it in my fist! 

Afterglow [thought]: And until then, we can never truly be together in peace, can we, my love? 

Page 7a 

Page 7 of the Image comic is seen as if it were a printed page of the comic book, in the hands of Troy Hickenbottom. 

Page 8 

Panel 1 1/9 

Pull back to see Troy sitting.  Shouldn't be clear where he's sitting, tight on his figure, get a look at his face. Silent. 

Panel 2 1/9 page 

3/4 overhead.  Same shot, pull back far to see it's a jail cell.  Troy is tossing the book onto a shelf.  We can see his roommate in the lotus position, meditating.  Silent. 

Panel 3 

The guard is at the door.  

Guard:              Hickenbottom!  You have a visitor! 

Panel 4 2/3 

The visitation room.  This room has partitions.  Wendi is standing there looking gorgeous.  Shoot from Wendi's side to favor her full figure, slightly overhead.  Wendi is doing a little wave at Troy.  We can see the "random monitor" sign on the wall.  Barrier keeps them from talking, there are phones in cubicles.  He's looking at her, "hey, baby!"  

Caption:           Greenville Federal Correctional Facility. 
                        Greenville, Illinois. 
                        July 22, 1994.  3:55 PM 

Wendi:             Hi, honey bee! 

Title:                 Image Isn't Everything 

Page 9  

Camera right on the divider, she's swiveled on her chair towards the camera on the left; he's basically up against the divider on the right.  All 1/6 pages.  

Panel 1 

Diagram layout.  Touching hands across the glass.  

Wendi:             Hiya, hot buns!  Did you get the comics I sent?  They're your favorites, right? 

Troy:               Yeah. Hey, Wendi, baby, you're looking so fine! 

                       But...I thought you were coming yesterday! 

Panel 2 

Diagram layout.  Troy is leaning forward, intense.  She's got her hand up to her forehead, exasperated.  

Wendi:              I couldn’t, I had to take that darn car into the shop! 

Troy:                You having car trouble, or were you greasing Mr. Goodwrench's crankshaft? 

Wendi:             Oh, Troy, not this again. 

Panel 3 

Troy:                Ain't bad enough I'm in the joint while you get away clean with the loot, you gotta mess around on 
                        me too? 

Wendi:             Shhh!  They could be listening! 

Panel 4 

Troy:                Yeah, yeah.  Just the thought of somebody else’s paws on those knockers -- it  makes me crazy! 

Wendi:             Oh, baby, you know I love you.  Why would I waste time with someone else's crankshaft when I 
                        got a love machine like you to dream about till you come home? 

Panel 5 

Troy:                God, I want you so bad, Wendi.  I’m buggin’ in here. 

Wendi:             Just hang in, honey.  I'm thinking of you. 

Panel 6 

She's walking out the panel

Wendi:             I gotta go--I gotta apointment-- 

Troy:               Appointment?  Appointment?!  With who? 

Page 10 2/3  

Panel 1 1/6 

Establishing shot of the cell.  Back in his jail cell.  The roommate is still in his lotus position.  Troy is doing push ups. 

Caption:           5:07 PM. 

Troy:                255...256...257... 

Leo:                 Troy, please.  You're disturbing my concentration. 

Panel 2 1/6 

Troy is picking himself up, looking agitated, brute-like.  A stack of comics areitting on his shelf.  Leo, in the background, hasn't m moved.  

Troy:                Yeah, well, I'm pretty disturbed myself, old man. I gotta get outta here, I gotta get back to my woman! 

                        Man, Superion would just punch his way out of this hole so fast... 

Leo:                 My boy, please.  This is important. 

Panel 3 1/9 

Favor Leo as he breaks his meditative posture to turn and look at Troy.  He's a litttle angry.  

Troy:                Bite me, Leo.  You're down twenty with life to go, maybe you're used to it, maybe you're 
                        resigned to can take this sittin' down! 
Leo:                 You're wrong.... 

Panel 4 1/9 

Favor Troy as he rolls his eyes. 

Leo:                  I want out of here as badly as you do...and I've found a way. 

Troy:                Don't start with that mystic crap again. 

Panel 5 1/9 

Close up of Leo.  

Leo:                  There are forces that shape the universe that can be summoned and harnessed by a highly focused 
                         mind.  I've spent the last eighteen years studying, meditiating, preparing. Tonight, at last, I will 
                         harness the power to free myself from this prison! 

                         But not if you don't let me focus! 

Panel 6 1/3 page 

Troy is looking out the window.  Shoot from outside the window.  

Troy:                Yeah, you go ahead and try to think your way out.  I wish I could pound my way out! 

                        I wish... 

Caption:           Next issue:  Image Isn't Everything, Pt. 2 

1This was actually published in Shadow State #1 
2Certain reference notes are being omitted from this script to respect and protect the creative process. 
3The published comic used art by Stefano Gaudino and Hoang Nguyen, not Jim Fern. 
4This Script Archive does not have a copy of the specified reference layout.