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The Unofficial Broadway Comics Archive: Promotional Items
Broadway Comics
Promotional Items 
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The following Broadway Comics 
promotional items are known to exist:
Fatale Keepsake Collection
Item# BCK608261 
Per the description on the package, "This Keepsake Collection includes six colorful 6" x 9" UV-coated Keepsake cards and a 6-card press sheet showcasing all six images."  These were samples. Broadway Comics creator and editor Pauline Weiss is "reasonably certain" these were never actually "produced and sold".
Fatale Keepsake Collection - Unreleased
Launch Party Invitation
On 11/28/1995, Broadway Comics had a Launch Party. This party was attended by media types, comics press, and some comic store owners. Lorne Michaels also attended the event.
Below is a scan of the unfolded 3"x3" invitation. 1 
(This scan is courtesy of Broadway Comics creator Pauline Weiss!)
Several  Broadway Comics newsletters were distributed. 
Find more info on these on the page dedicated to newsletters.
Signed Comics
American Entertaiment released some limited, signed editions of select Broadway Comics. 
These comics were authorized by Broadway Comics and issued with a "Certificate of Authenticity". 
Fatale #5 and Knights On Broadway # 1 are known to have signed versions. 
Knights On Broadway #1 was shipped with a letter explaining that it had originally been solicited as "City Perilous".
(A digital photo of the Certificate of Authenticity  was provided courtesy of  "BrotherJ". 
The photo image was manipulated to achieve the proper rectangular shape. )
These items are known to exist, 
but no images are available:
Display Board 
About 200 branded white display boards were created for retailers. The displays featured the image from the cover of Powers That Be #1. The boards were made so comic shops could list the weekly comics for their customers. These boards arrived at the Broadway Comics offices just a few days before Broadway Comics closed. The creators were not allowed to have any of these. Presumably these are "rotting in some Golden Books warehouse in Wisconsin somewhere." 1  
This would be an extremely rare find for a collector to acquire if they were not destroyed. 
Fatale Jacket 
Broadway Comics made some Fatale Jackets. The site is aware of two people who own one of these jackets, but currently no photographs are available. 
Knights On Broadway  
Prototype Toy 
There is one (1) known prototype toy for the Knight On Broadway series. No photographs are available at this time. 1  

 1 Information courtesy of Broadway comics creator Pauline Weiss!