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Miracle On

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Broadway Video

Special Collectors Edition 1

Broadway Video Special Collector's Edition 1
Title "Miracle On Broadway"
Date December 1995
Cover Price Free (to clients)
Estimated Print Run: 1150 
Pages Unknown
Writer Jim Shooter, Janet Jackson, Joseph A. James, Pauline Weiss
Penciler/Artist Ernie Colon
Cover Artist(s) Unknown
Inker Paul Autio, Ernie Colon
Colorist David Montoya, Ernie Colon
Letterer:  George Roberts
Editor:  Debbie Fix
Characters Starseed, Knights On Broadway, Spire, Ernest 
Known Variants: None
Notes/Plot Summary
This was produced as Broadway Video Edit's Christmas Card to their clients and is 
an extreme rarity. The content was geared towards small children and it features a coloring section inside. The more controversial and adult oriented characters, like Fatale, were not featured in the comic. Rod Ollerenshaw is credited with "production". 

This is 1st and only appearance of Spire. This is the 1st appearance of the Knights On Broadway. It is an early appearance of Star Seed.

Ernest is in despair because he has to work on the last shopping day before Christmas. On his way into work, he's intercepted and handed a video titled "Peace On Earth". The tape get tossed out the window by his boss and the rest of the comic is and attempt to reclaim the tape and understand the meaning of it's content. Spire, the Knights on Broadway, and Star Seed all join in helping to locate the video. Once the tape is recovered, Ernest is allowed to take the rest of the day off and get his last minute shopping done.  
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