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Solicitation texts for cancelled comic books (from PREVIEWS) 
The following comics were never published. This list is most likely incomplete.
V6 Previews 9 
FATALE™ #7   
by Erica H. Rodriguez, Tim Hamilton & Jim Fern   
The woman formerly known as Fatale is the de facto Queen of the world and her first order of buisiness is to insist on being called Desirče. Second is to deal with rogue Tecnomancer Saint-Saėns and the threat of alien invasion. There's an unusual guest appearance by someone who lives in the East Village and knows something about aliens, but if you're looking for Marvel Team-Up, you're in the wrong joint. 
November, FC 32 pg............................ $2.95
KNIGHTS ON BROADWAY™ #5 (Formerly City Perilous™) 
by Joe James, Geof Isherwood & Paul Autio  
"I Remember the Future" Part 5 
Already Part 5 of what started out to be a four-parter, and growing, albeit coming to a conclusion soon. But What's the difference? If the ride is smooth, and the vibe is just, then chill and rock on. Note that the covers have been reshuffled to keep apace of the mushrooming story. This installment is simply the best. 
November FC, 32 pg ............................ $2.95
STAR SEED™ #10 (Formerly Powers That Be™)  
by Shooter, John Ross & Art Nichols  
"It's the End of the World As We Know It" Part 5 
The end of "It's the End..."! Cor stands and represents the East Village and us, his chosen homeys from the great galactic melting pot Earth. Make a noise like an alien and he might boot your butt past Pluto before he realizes you're kidding. This is one supercool satisfying payoff. 
November FC, 32 pg ..............................$2.95
Unreleased Covers
 City Perilous 1 (Unreleased) 
City Perilous #1 Cover 
City Perilous was never released. 
This comic was renamed and released as 
Knights on Broadway #1
Unreleased Fatale #5 Cover 
The released cover to Fatale #5 featured a new lipstick logo. The black border was dropped and a closeup of the Fatale image above was used.
Unreleased Makeshift #1 
This comic was solicited, but never released.
Powers That Be 2 (Unreleased)
Unreleased Powers That Be #2 Cover
Powers That Be was solicited with this cover, but shipped with a slightly different cover. A Black & White version of this image was used on the Preview Edition, but a color verion with this image was not released.
Unreleased Powers That Be #7 
Powers That Be ended with issue #6. The series changed it's title to Star Seed with issue #7 and a completely different image was used. This is a preview cover to the non-existant Powers That Be #7
Unreleased Shadow State #6 
This comic was solicited, but never released.
In-Process Cover Art
Knights On Broadway #5
This comic was solicited, but never released.
Unreleased Fatale #8 
This comic was never released.
Unpublished Starseed #11 Cover
Unreleased Star Seed #11
This comic was never released.